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We look at fashion differently. We promote ethical fashion standards in everything we do. We use only the highest quality fabrics, and each piece we create is handmade, which means it’s unique. This is slow fashion. This is ethical fashion. And we love it.

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High-quality handmade fashion

All our clothes are handmade. So, unlike clothes that are factory made, our designs are as unique as they are special. They are also made to last, which means they won’t fall apart or fade after just one season. Choosing From Milly With Love, you benefit from the incredible skills of our team, who not only put time and attention into each piece, but plenty of love as well.

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Unique designs
Our pieces are lovingly handmade, embracing the natural elegance of cotton, the smooth comfort of Tencel, and the bold, contemporary appeal of faux leather. Each material is chosen for its quality and sustainability, ensuring that every item not only looks stunning but also stands the test of time.
Durable materials
We focus on creating clothes of high quality that are made to last years, not months. This obviously benefits you as a consumer, but it also works out better for the planet. By slowing the turnover within the fashion industry, the impact of harmful manufacturing processes is reduced, and at the same time, fewer clothes end up in landfill.

Saw this skirt on Insta and I had to have it! Gorgeous details and colour. I wore it with a black jumper and boots in winter, but will now wear it with neutral t-shirts through spring and summer.

Absolutely loved my skirt and receive compliments every time I wear it! Not a young female but wore black top tucked in! Sizing correct.