About Us

About Milly

From Milly With Love was created by a young Ukrainian designer – Margaryta Rybalka. Named after her daughter Emilia, the budding clothing brand is a project close to Margaryta’s heart, drawing focus not only to the importance of ethical fashion practices, but to the beauty that can be created when love is placed at the heart of the production process.


Rybalka family

Our team

Here at From Milly With Love, our team is our family. Within that family, we value and respect each and every member, appreciating not only what they do and what they have to offer, but the love they bring to their work. It’s simple. We want all of our products to be made with love. Which is why we only hire people who love what they do.

Our values

We value craftsmanship, quality, sustainability and the ethical treatment of everyone involved in the process of creating our collections. From the materials we use to the processes and practices we employ, our values remain the core principles by which we do business. Here are how our values stack up.

High quality

At From Milly With Love, we understand that quality cannot be rushed. Unlike fast fashion, where the focus is on making more, more, more, faster, faster, faster, we slow things down to focus on quality. By hand-making each item, we ensure it’s beautifully made and expertly crafted, making sure that not only does each piece look good, it’s also made to last.

This concept is the very essence of slow fashion. With fast fashion, cheap clothes are made from cheap materials utilising cheap processes, and they may only last a few months. With slow fashion, quality is key. Made from quality materials by skilled professionals, each item lasts – and as it does so – maintains its beauty and purpose.

Ethical Fashion

We believe ethical fashion is fair fashion. Overall, that means no one should suffer as a result of the way we create each collection.

  • Keeping the design and creation of our collections in-house, we ensure our workers are paid a fair wage, while working within a safe environment.
  • Using cruelty-free materials, we ensure animals do not suffer.
  • Being aware of where our fabric and other materials come from, we ensure the people involved in their growing and manufacturing processes do not suffer.

Something truly beautiful cannot be drawn out of suffering. That’s why we think all fashion should be fair fashion.


The fashion industry’s impact on the environment is vast. Within the world of fast fashion, manufacturers pollute the environment, spewing out carbon dioxide and toxins into the air, and poisons and chemicals into the land and waterways. This is not the way we choose to do business.

By implementing carefully considered sustainable practices, by minimising waste, by choosing vegan materials and by using sustainable packaging, we aim to take greater care of this very important planet of ours. We think that Milly – and all the rest of the children around the world – deserve more, and it’s our responsibility to show them the way.