In this blog, we explore the various news and trends within ethical fashion. Looking at concepts such as slow fashion vs. fast fashion, cruelty-free fashion and sustainable fashion, we investigate what these practices mean, how they work, and what they have to offer.

Want to deep dive into what it means to be an ethical clothing brand? Want to find out more about faux leather and how it compares to real leather? Want to explore sustainability within the fashion industry? We aim to do all that and more.

From the benefits of choosing handmade to the impact fast fashion can have on the various growers, manufacturers and workers involved in the industry, this is the place where we explore it all.

So yes, it’s fashion blog. But it’s a fashion blog with a conscience. We’re not here to preach. We’re here to inform, to provide knowledge, to help you understand your choices as a consumer – and why those choices are so important.

Right now, our blog is pretty new. Over time though, we aim to build it up, adding quality posts on topics that interest you. Be sure to check back regularly to check out new posts as and when they’re published – and give us a shout out if there are any topics you want to see us cover.

Happy reading!

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