We live in a world where fast fashion still pushes many consumers to choose trendy garments that don’t always last longer than one season. So how do we move towards slower, more conscious fashion choices – and take people with us?

1. The shift to sustainable fashion has to be a collective effort

One step in moving away from fast fashion and any clothing produced under questionable conditions is the endeavour to affect those around you to join you on the journey to a longer-lasting wardrobe. This is not an easy path, but by finding the right key to educate our loved ones we can make a difference. We can keep improving our own lifestyles and minimise our own footprint and also get others excited about this choice. Check our article about Ethical fashion and what it stands for here.

2. Talk about your fashion choices

Every time someone compliments you on your sustainable outfit, let them know that it’s from a brand that promotes ethical fashion. Talk about where you get your clothes, as some people might simply be not aware of emerging slow fashion brands. Tell people the reasons why you buy it there, and how its values make it even more appealing to you.

3. Share content where you are wearing ethical outfits

As we all spend a lot of time on social media, this is the best place to share your passion and beliefs. Tag ethical fashion brands on your photos to spread the word, talk about what makes you choose slow fashion and just share content that you believe in. Create shareable content that educated people about what overconsumption and the impact fashion has on our planet, humans, and animals.