How to Style an Oversized Shirt

Looking for ways to style your oversized shirt? Maybe you’re thinking of buying one but you’re not sure how you’d wear it? There’s no denying oversized shirts are a fashion staple, but that doesn’t mean they’re always easy to wear. Which is why we’ve created this post to give you some ideas on how to style your oversized shirt so that it looks amazing, no matter the occasion.

Oversized shirt as a dress

1. As a Dress

While you’re no doubt feeling the chill of winter now, spring will be warming things up before you know it. As temperatures rise, consider putting aside your old summer dresses, to style your oversized shirt as a dress instead. This can be done in a number of ways.

If your shirt is long enough that you won’t have to worry about wardrobe malfunctions, you can style it in much the same way as you would a dress. Going for a daytime look? Wear it loose with runners. Want something with a bit more kick? Swap out your runners for boots. Looking for something a bit more glam? Cinch it in with a belt and pair it with heels and gold jewellery.

TIP: If your shirt is perhaps a bit short to be worn on its own, you could style it with bike shorts or denim shorts underneath during the day, or with a mini skirt for the evening.

2. With Denim

Pairing an oversized shirt with denim creates a classic combo that that won’t quit. Depending on the look you want to achieve, you could tuck your shirt into high-waisted jeans or wear it loose over denim cut-offs. As this is something of a blank canvas, the look you create will come from the type of denim you choose, and the accessories you pair it with.

Oversized shirt with bike shorts

3. With Bike Shorts

As Kim Kardashian will tell you, bike shorts are made for more than just biking. Throw on your oversized shirt over bike shorts and pair with chunky runners or boots. To make the look more deliberate, be careful in your styling elsewhere. Take a leaf out of KKW’s book and style with a slicked back hairstyle and a chain necklace.

4. Worn Loose

Want a look that’s more loose and flowing? There’s no better way to style your oversized shirt than with gorgeous loose linen pants. Not only will this be light and breathable so you remain cool through summer, the look you’ll end up with will be chic and timeless.

Oversized shirt as an overshirt with denim

5. As an Overshirt

While many of the looks we’ve discussed so far have involved buttoning down your oversized shirt, this look allows you to wear your shirt loose and open. Paired with jeans, shorts or wide leg pants, you can style your oversized shirt as an overshirt, worn over a bandeau or cropped top. Opt for an oversized shirt in a statement colour to add a pop of colour to your ensemble.

6. Mixing Patterns

Depending how confident you’re feeling, you can start mixing up patterns and colours as you pair your colourful or patterned oversized shirt with clashing pants, skirts and shorts. Have fun with bold print and statement colours, and then simply wear with confidence!

7. Over Pants

Okay, so wearing a shirt over pants doesn’t sound that exciting – but, it really comes down to how you wear it. Oversized shirts look amazing with high-waisted wide leg pants, which can be paired effortlessly with a chunky cardigan or boyfriend blazer. Love your skinny jeans? To avoid looking out of proportion, cinch in the waist of your shirt with a wide, statement belt.

8. With Swimwear

Want one last way to style your oversized shirt? Why not pair your shirt with your bathers? Whether you prefer a one-piece or a bikini, an oversized shirt can take your beach look to the next level. Not only will the shirt keep the sun off your skin, it can also hide any bits of your body you’re not keen on showing off. Pair with an oversized sunhat, glamourous sandals and gold hoops.