With oversized fashion being here to stay, every fashionista wants to have a trendy oversized denim jacket. But what to do once you buy it? How to make it work with your daily looks? Here are a few tips and ideas we want to share with you.

Miley Cyrus double denim look heading out in NYC

1. Double Denim is back!

Do you remember the iconic double denim outfit Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake in 2001? Fashion always repeats itself and double denim is back again. Now we can see a lot of celebrities wearing informal double just as Miley Cyrus in this recent photo.

Wear double denim for an effortless look during a walk, weekend brunch or shopping afternoon.

Denim jacket with white t-shirt

2. Oversized denim jacket with a white T-shirt

White T Shirt is a magical thing – it works with everything! And an oversized jacket isn’t different.

Match your blue / white / black denim jacket with a simple white tee and hit the road. It works whether you are out for walk or having a girls night in a bar.

Dress with a denim jacket

3. Little dress with a denim jacket

Heading for a party and it got a bit cold? Through a denim jacket! It will not just protect you from the wind, but will also make your look more trendy and casual.

Pair an oversized denim jacket with a little white or black dress for a night out in the city.

oversized white denim jacket

4. Oversized jacket with shorts

Contrast oversized denim jacket with shorts is a perfect look for a casual walk in a park, brekkie in a local cafe or a windy day on the beach. Simple black and white look can never be too much for any occasion. Spicy it up with a print T-shirt or a stylish accessories.

Denim jacket From Milly With Love comes in white colour and is perfect for any look you chose.